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Darryl Audia


For PA District 9 Representative

Republican Party

For PA District 9 Representative

Rebuilding Lawrence County

I’ve worked with different ethnicities in many businesses, corporations, utilities and government entities in neighborhoods throughout Western Pennsylvania during my years of service in the real estate industry and in public service with the Bureau of Abandoned Mines. My experience and understanding of our diversified communities, served to prepare me for this public office. I believe the following proven initiatives will improve the quality of life in our district now and for generations to come.

Term limits to keep a new fresh bold leadership team stopping career politicians

* Protecting unborn, young, middle aged, senior citizens, people with disabilities

Promoting safer affordable neighborhoods for better quality of life

Quality education in safe schools

Positive community development to increase property values

Keeping property taxes down by building an economy

Stopping unnecessary governmental restraints

Encouraging investors to promote county growth to build a thriving economy

Engaging retired residents uniting experience and talents to guide our community

Renovating deteriorating structures before they’re abandoned

Supporting Second Amendment Rights

Creating "Independent Community Programs" (ICP) in local neighborhoods where family members of all ages can learn life skills and explore a variety of vocational career pathways

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A Little Bit About Me

My professional experience involves working with public and private sectors to solve issues. I served the Commonwealth of PA in the Bureau of Abandoned Mines Real Estate section for 31 years, where I negotiated on behalf of the public with US Steel, Norfolk Railroad, CSX, Chevron, R&P Coal and many more. I represented the Clean Streams Foundation, Trout Unlimited, and other non-profits. I was also tasked to negotiate with legal staff and officials from townships, cities and counties in Western PA to gain legal access to remove hazards.

Our team cleaned streams, extinguished mine fires and drained mines. We halted slides and reclaimed dangerous highwalls. I presented at large public meetings for area-wide subsidence projects. My territory extended mainly from Ebensburg, PA to the Ohio border.

I loved my job but chose to retire to run for this state representative position. I plan to serve the 9th district with the same passion, desire and commitment as I did for the bureau of abandoned mines.

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